It was meant to be.

So Susu & I were planning on starting up a blog for awhile, but out of sheer laziness our ideas of "cool pictures" (our attempt at fashion photography), which exposed our own personal style, was put to the side. Thankfully this migraine headache (today) helped me realize that if I don't start now, I'll never be able to start.

While I was in Vancouver over the holidays, I reconnected with my old friends and family. I found my new obsession with the Canon DSLR (Rebel XSI) camera (thank-you wonderful BF). If you don't know me, I love taking pictures and being photographed. Susu had just come back from her two week vacation touring around Paris, Venice, Milan & Rome. After catching up with her on her latest adventures & purchases, we decided to test out my new 'baby' Canon on her stunning Vanessa Bruno wool-cashmere sweater. Me, being new and unexperienced with the DSLR camera, I began to use all the functions to catch the perfect shot. I instantly placed the camera in the 'night-time' function and the first shot was this exact picture I'm showing you now. Susu warned me saying that this function was difficult to use because I had to be super steady, but by fluke, me, the amateur, managed to capture Susu perfectly! I was so proud of myself and didn't know that my 'baby' and me could make wonders lol. I attempted to try again, but inevitably failed and resorted back to using flash (the amateur way). 

[Vanessa Bruno wool-cash sweater, Citizen jeggings, Zara leather boots, Cos scarf (Paris), leather bag from a market in Florence (Loggia del Mercato Nuovo)]. 

- Love, S. 

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Hey Hey Hey Serina!

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So good so far, keep it up!