vieni con me!

Susu here!

It's been almost a month since I got back from a whirlwind European tour and after much pushing and prodding from Serina, I'm finally uploading a photo.
This was taken in Florence, and the funny thing is, my sister was trying to take candid shots of me whilst I pranced around on an imaginary catwalk and pretended to look completely harassed by the "paparazzi." Nobody really gave a damn. I guess they get all sorts of lunatics in Italy.
Anyway, the resulting shot is my tribute to my hero, Scott Schuman..........perhaps someday, we will be deemed worthy to catch his eye on the street.  

[ Coat: Comptoir des cotonniers; Thigh-high python-embossed boots: Zara ]

I will be uploading more photos soon, as I upload and edit.


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