My Guilty Pleasure.

I have an obsession...NAIL LACQUER from O.P.I.




Newest: Barefoot in Barcelona and Au Natural by ESSIE
Over the Holidays: Coney Island Cotton Candy/Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees/Romeo and Joliet

It's funny because I keep buying the same colors over and over again...(what's wrong with me?) haha. I'm literally obsessed and sometimes can't control myself from buying something I already have... Maintenant, I'm in love with light, pastel colors (like Coney Island and Barefoot in Barcelona) since we're moving into Spring/Summer!! Au Natural was my first Essie purchase and I'm pleasantly surprised. It's a little bit lighter than OPI thus, requiring two coats, but it's a refreshing change and it shines. I almost bought a third polish by Chanel Particuliere in Chanel's Jade Collection, however, I contained myself (haha). If you're looking for an amazing taupe color, I highly recommend Particuliere. Tendresse and Inattendu are equally beautiful... You need to check it out! Here's a picture of what Particuliere looks likes (just a photo I found online)...


It's nice isn't it? Anyways, heading back to Vancouver in a day! I can't wait for good food and I'll be watching Women's Hockey - Russia vs. Canada on Feb. 13th!! I'm so stoked. 

Question pour vous, what's your guilty pleasure?

- Love, S. 


magdalyn said...

just posted particuliere too! obsessed, its perfect.

its much like mink muff from essie, they match everything

magdalyn said...

just saw your comment!
i will also answer your question, my guilty pleasure is pretty/ well made lingerie. macpherson has my attention now.


Andrea said...

you got the particuliere too!!!
my guilt pleasure is definitly chanel nailpolish and opi.(but i am more of a chanel fan) i still want the jade green chanel nail polish that is not AVAILABLE IN CANADA. BOO