Spring Showers bring May Flowers.

Simplistic Love. All you need is a great leather jacket, good shoes/purse and a cute umbrella... Although mine is black...(haha).

Wedged Booties from Aldo/Purse from Louis Vuitton.

JMa wearing a Mackage (Sophia) Leather jacket with a H&M silk blouse and Talula bandaged high-waisted skirt.

I would have liked to take more pictures of JMa, but holding onto two bags + an umbrella restricted me to do so. I'm used to rainy weather... since growing up in Vancouver, that's all I see for half of the year. I love indulging on sushi sur sundays. I crave it... And I just realized that I get really fatigue on sundays too and I end up taking a nap for half an hour throughout la jour. Anyways, I forced Jess to dress mignonne aujourd'hui and we had a weird conversation on 'why it feels awkward wearing heels throughout the day'. For me, personally, I feel awkward like a beast when I wear heels (casually) because: a. I'm 5'7 (168cm) and me with heels, I feel like a giant. b. Asians are usually perceived as small and tiny so maybe it's a cultural thing...? AND c. I just feel more comfortable wearing ballerina flats or flat boots. Probably because I work 24/7. I would definitely love to wear heels tous les temps then I would have an excuse to go out and buy new shoes! Jess felt the same way (haha)"...good shoes will take you to good places..."

- Love, S.

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