Victoria's new Marc Jacobs Mini Stam.


The parfait purse for le summer!! My sister's latest purchase (thanks to a million gift-cards for Holts)... It was either she spent it on a lot of little small things or on a big purchase. I think she did perfectly. I'm really over the Marc by Marc Jacobs purses because now it just seems like it's mass-produced and it's not that special anymore. I'm still loving their MJ line though (back to the classics is always good). I always think purses with gold hardware looks so much better... silver isn't pretty sucks! (no offense)... I need to update my wardrobe with a new purse. There's some options lingering in my head but I can't seem to choose what I want... I just want all of them! I guess we'll see what happens after I come back from Asia (hehe). Anyways, time for le beauty sleep.

- Love, S.


Andrea said...

OOHH i love this how much was it!!!
i still have 1 gift card to use!!
i hope its not too expensive
or maybe i should OBTAIN this in NYC??? haha
i am over MJ too
but this purse always kills me when i see it on the streets!
i want large stam tho
:) we need to meet up for some reunion before you leave this place :) love Andrea

leah Lee said...

oh i love this one!

Skinny Dip said...

Victoria's bag is so pretty!

(And we have the same scarf! ;))

I hear you on the M by MJ bags. I just feel like I've seen too many of them. Maybe he needs to switch up the designs for that line??