New Dress, New Shoes, New Lens.

Shoes: Browns

My sister being a goof.

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Perfect shot.

My youngest sister came to visit for a week and as you can tell from les photos... we had fun. She got me the portrait lens (50mm) as a gift - thanks beautiful - and we began playing around with it. I'm honestly obsessed with it and I can't wait to use it outside! The shoes are pretty fantabulous and it's made out of suede. The dress = parfait - I love florals. I bought a denim romper as well, which I'll be wearing this week, pending the weather...(hehe). Esther left aujourd'hui and I won't be seeing her till le summer - so sad that we live so far away from each other.

- Love, S.


MMann said...

what camera do you have again?
also is that tint from the lens or did you alter the colour?

Susu and S. said...

I have the canon rebel xsi (dslr) and I used photoshop for the tint =)

Anonymous said...

Which 50mm lens? 1.8? 1.4? 1.2?

Tell James to get you the 85mm 1.8. It'll make your head spin, I promise.

Who am I? Two hints: Male. Store Manager ;)


DKY said...

woooo~ =) you got the new lens??
how are you liking?? (btw, it's david =) vic told me
you had a blog)

very sharp lens huh?

Susu and S. said...

Anonymous: I knew exactly who you were when I read the first line! It's 50mm 1.8 =) Maybe the 85mm 1.8 will be my next purchase... Let's just wait till Christmas.

DKY: YES! I love it =) I can't wait to take more pictures after I'm done exams! I went onto your blog as well. You should post up more pictures and make them bigger! Will be checking again soon =)