Up Close & Personal W/Georgia.

Georgia's Chanel caviar large shopper tote.

Clockwise starting from the top: Gum, Gucci sunglasses, Chanel bronzer, YSL Nude Beige Lipstick, Lipstick Pen, Rocky Mountain rice crispy square, Bejeweled Blackberry, LV wallet, Rumeur perfume, iPod Touch and ciggsies.

YSL lipstick and a lipstick pen



Heart cigs

I'm so fascinated when I'm exposed to someone else's purse. The belongings inside and the purse itself defines who you are and your character - what you value, what you must have, your personality etc. While I was taking les photos of Georgia's purse (and everything that was in it at the time)... She stopped me and said she always carried a pen with her. I feel like a pen is over-looked and under valued sometimes. It's an object that we actually take for granted - you can do wonders with a pen... no? (haha). What do you think? Can you live with or without a pen? What's the number one thing you can't leave out of your purse (besides the usual - cosmetics, phone and wallet)? For me, I would need to say my planner.

- Love, S.


magdalyn said...

i always have a pen with me as well! lately ive been carrying around somethng to read. magazines are too big unfortunately, so im brushing up on my poetry

Anonymous said...

Neat post. I carry a murse (man purse). It's nothing special - I'm looking for the perfect leather messenger bag, in either black or cognac. A.P.C. has a brilliant messenger bag but it's currently sold out online (boourns).

One thing I can't leave out of my murse: the legendary Moleskine ruled notebook to record any important convo's or notes... a must for any successful store manager ;)

Simone said...

I love seeing what's inside people's bags to. You know, getting "up close and PURSE-sonal" haha. Georgia's purse is very pretty!

Susu and S. said...

Magdalyn: yes, pens are so useful! I should start investing in better pens. I just bought a new book (an oldie by goodie) - the Alchemist. I can't wait to read it again!

Anonymous: You should check out Fullum & Holt, they have nice bags for men (I believe) - their leather's really nice. I have the moleskin planner (i'm obsessed with it like my blog) - a must for a fantabulous SSA =) haha

Simone: my next post title (you've inspired me) - 'Let's get PURSE-sonal' hehe

Tony said...

AM I the only guy that is following your blog? : ) A pen is a must! How else can you write down pretty girls' numbers on napkins...
I guess we all have blackberries now a days. But sometimes a perfect handwritten note just adds that little more charm.

Anonymous said...

hey! where did you friend get those 520 cigarettes?! i've been trying to find them everywhere!

Anonymous said...

where did your friend get the 520 cigs? i have been looking for them everywhere!