Tokyo Love: Simplicity at its Best.

Susu is wearing a Zara fitted blazer with a TNA tank and Citizen jeggings.

Sneakers: Converse.

S is wearing a Wilfred leather jacket, TBabaton sheer tee over a TBabaton floral tank, JBrand military pants and TOMS shoes.

Scarf: Ralph Lauren; Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette



It was raining in Tokyo for the past two days and luckily I brought some semi-winter clothes with me to Asia. Since we usually shop for long periods of time, we decided to stick to the basics: sneakers/or in my case - flat, comfortable shoes. I never realized how comfy TOMS were - it has the arch support and everything! TOMS have been such a great hit in Korea - there are so many different styles/colors - however, in Japan, I feel they are lacking in the shoe department. They are either really cheap, made with plastic/rubber or super expensive (usually designer shoes). We haven't bought much clothing here in Japan, rather, we've been hitting up every electronic department store we've seen. If you're in Tokyo on a rainy day, electronic stores are a perfect way to spend your day - you'll find amazing stuff you never knew existed! Things that you never thought you needed until you saw it!! Anyways, today we're hitting up Daikanyama and a second round of Shibuya 109 =) Jaa ne...

- Love, Susu & S.


Frank N said...

J Brand Houlihan! HOT!!!

Get them in all the colours.

I want some (man) TOMS shoes.

Susu and S. said...

You should get James to get you ones from Korea! They have a large selection - styles you can't get in Canada! James got one that's plaid-ish and it fades from beige to light pink (so James right?) haha

Andrea said...

i got those pants too :D
and i got a pair of off-white toms. which they are getting dirtier and dirtier cuz i love to wear them so much so comfy... but so ugly.
which makes me fall ooh so in love with them :D