It's time to get p u r s e o n a l.

My newest love.

Les essentiels.

From left: Prada zipper wallet, Nancy Febrey coin purse, Déjà Vu mascara and Kate mascara base (from Tokyo).

From left: My bejeweled Nintendo DS, Burt's Bees lip balm, Darphin hand lotion, Rimmel - Nude Plump gloss and M.A.C lipstick in Hue.

Blackberry (Tour) and Bvlgari Sunglasses.

What I keep inside my most coveted treasure...

The Prada zipper wallet is one of the best wallet's I've ever had - it keeps everything inside. I bought the Nancy Febrey coin purse in Tokyo this past May - I am obsessed with the Hermès orange color and its soft lambskin leather. The déjà vu mascara and Kate mascara base were also purchased in Tokyo (introduced to me by Susu - thank you!) and it's great for people with Asian eye-lashes - eye-lashes that always seem to fall downward no matter how long you curl them for... My be-jeweled NDS took five hours to finish. YES, I did glue each jewel on, one-by-one, and was satisfied to finish it in a day haha (Susu has one too). Darphin hand lotion is a must (you can buy it at Holt Renfrew) - nostalgically reminding me of my grandmother's scent. The Rimmel nude gloss with my Hue lipstick always keep my lips jolie. And obviously, I can't live without my phone aka ma vie and my now vintage Bvlgari sunglasses, which I can't seem to ever replace! I also keep a my Moleskine planner with me but I forgot to put it in the photos - It keeps me sane.

Anyways, hope you've enjoyed this post!
(Ps: I apologize for the horrible picture quality - my camera was not being nice to me)

- Love, S.


Amy Huang said...

LOVE this post <3 haha
kate makeup = the best... i get mine in taiwan!
and the your nintendo ds is sooo asian hahaha you make me want to make mine all fobby as well :)

Frank N said...

LOVE THE BAG. But the best part of this post for me, hands down, the be-jeweled NDS! IMPRESSIVE craftsmanship. I almost don't believe that you did it yourself ;)

Did James tell you that I'm moving back (permanently) soon!? We can finally end this digital relationship and have one in person!! UNREAL! Haha

Susu and S. said...

Oohhh yes......Serina and I spent hours upon hours on our hotel bed driving ourselves crazy with these microscopic jewels.
I will post photos of mine - sometime soon i hope!

and hi amy!! :)

Susu and S. said...

Thanks Amy - It was dedicated to you haha

And yes, the be-jeweled NDS is amazing - I always get stares when I take it out to play (they're secretly jealous). haha

The bag - hands down - was the best purchase I made while I was in Asia!

Yes, I did hear the amazing news - we can finally meet and I'm actually pretty stoked. You better be as cool (in person) as you are over the world wide web haha

- S

Anonymous said...

yummmm! can't wait for your leather to break in and be all floppy and gorgeous. =) what does your entire handbag collection look like?

Susu and S. said...

Will do a post of our handbag collection next pour vous =)

- S.

Frank N said...

Can you include, in conjunction with your next post, your be-jeweled NDS?? I am intrigued...