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Tiffany wearing Zara linen pants with an H&M stripe top, vintage belt & purse, Miu Miu patent leather heels 
Georgia wearing Zara shorts and blazer, Aritiza TBabaton tank, LV Speedy 35 and BCBG wedges.

I really apologize for the lack of posts - I know 'being busy' shouldn't be an excuse! Anyways - Today Tiffany mentioned to me on how it's interesting to note that good friends start to dress alike. I totally agree. When I look at my close group of friends, we all seem to adapt and grab inspiration from one another. When we're having a girls night out, we ask each other what we're wearing in order to obviously not look like twins or to coordinate with each other. All in all, I think the main reason for this obsession over what we're wearing is that we all love to dress up - It makes us feel good about ourselves!! I did make T&G get all dolled-up for me - although they were already in their PJS all ready to go to sleep! (Love you girls!) Their second outfits were focused on their new, recent purchases - Amazing BCBG suede blazers with shoulder pads and Rick Owens look-a-like ribbing down the arm! Sounds delightful, right? That'll be my prochaine post.

- Love, S.

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