Omotesando, Tokyo.

Balenciaga Giant City! - My new love. Hat: cute boutique in Daikanyama.

Susu's LDS floral headband with a tie-dye romper and linen blazer from La Foret (Harajuku)/Zara sandals.

Beautiful Prada Store in Omotesando.

S wearing: Toms/Wilfred lyocell high-waisted pants/TBabaton floral tank and denim cropped button-up from Daegu (Korea).

I made Susu do an action shot - A Japanese grandpa laughed at us... lol

This was my next post you guys have all been waiting for - Yes! I finally chose/purchased my new purse! I was deciding between the Chanel Jumbo Caviar (black w/gold) or the YSL Y-bag or Miu Miu - but I think I made the right perfect decision! I'm absolutely in love with this purse - it's very multi-functional: a day & night-time purse... I can wear it with the long strap and the handles fit comfortably over my shoulders (which is a bonus!). It was love at first sight - I'm smitten...

- Love, S.


Andrea said...

woottt i love the bag too
bring it next time!!!
its so beautiful! but i want it in emeraldxgold. or greyx gold

see u soon!

Anonymous said...

i love ur posts!
i was just wondering, what bag do you use to carry your dslr around??

Susu and S. said...

Andrea: Thanks! I love it too - I'm so glad I didn't go for Chanel.

Anonymous: Thank you so much! I usually use my LV speedy to carry my dslr (note: my bag is now ruined & saggy) haha... While I was traveling, I would just use the strap and put it across my chest (total foreigner style). Awhile ago my friend suggested I get an actual camera bag - you should check out the Phillip Lim Sidra Camera Bag (very cute).

Amy Huang said...

Oh my gosh, this might sound kind of creepy but this is Amy...Charles' gf, and I was just wondering if this is the Serina that I met at Artizia? Downtown Bloor?
I don't even know how I stumbled across your blog I was just looking up Wilfred and Aritzia and blogs and found yours? Hopefully right person? I think so cause of the pictures and all...
Love the blog though haha I think you should do a "what's in your new Balenciaga baby" post! ;)
P.s. the other girl who does this blog with you, I think Char showed me a picture on fb and he was all excited b/c he said that she is Taiwanese too? hahahahah :)
OH gosh I probably made myself sound even creepier by adding that comment :S

Susu and S. said...

Hi Amy! - Yes, this is Serina! (And Alice aka Susu - and she's Taiwanese). I'm going to do a post right now actually on what is in my new Balenciaga because I got inspired by you. =)

Hope to see you when I'm back in Vancouver (July)! xo

Amy Huang said...

Yayyy haha, how weird it is that I googled and stumbled across your blog? Thanks for the Balenciaga post. I'll still be in Vancouver in July so I'll see you for sure. And hello to Alice too :) I was just in Taiwan a few months ago!

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