S. wearing Zara graphic tee and shorts, Forever 21 leather belt, Ralph Lauren scarf and Ray Ban aviators.

Strappy Wedges from Shibuya 109.

Toy Watch.

Don't I look like a ballerina?

Beautiful British Columbia

Did I tell you that the straps are clip-ons?? hehe

I know I keep professing my love about these wedges - but I just can't get enough of them! I absolutely adore them to pieces (my valued treasure) and I felt that my other pictures didn't give it justice. Here are my Ballerina wedges up close and personal =) My youngest sister was able to capture moments when I was up in the air - I literally felt like a Ballerina doing my twirls, spins and attempting to perfect an amateur Pas de Poisson...FAIL. Overall, the weather was great and my t-shirt was cheap - I was satisfied.

- Love, S.

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Andrea said...

love the wedges!!!!!!
ooh i wanna go to japann...