A Fatal Attraction to a Brick Wall

Maybe it was the pink '12' that drew me in...?

Adjusting my cute/cheap toque I got from Joe Fresh.

Wear your clogs with wool socks *thumbs up*.

Moi wearing a Joe Fresh toque, Wilfred tapestry scarf, Marc Jacobs trench, Acne Needle Denim, Sven Clogs and Wilfred wool socks

Coming up to Ottawa MANOTICK with only a pair of ballerina flats and clogs was not a good idea - it was snowing the first day. I was clearly NOT prepared for the weather and I couldn't believe that it was officially w i n t e r. My Halloween weekend was spent with my second cousin and her adorable baby - Benjamin Jonah Kim. He was dressed up as a cute giraffe while Leah & I had on cow & monkey masks. The second day we had some time to go into the city. Ottawa is beautiful with the Parliament and cute side street markets. My fashionista friend Anh (too bad you had to work!), suggested we walk down Dalhousie St and go check out VOLTAIRE - a really cute vintage store past York St. I ended up getting a cool necklace - always looking for great vintage jewellery & belts. Then had a satisfying lunch at LUXE BISTRO (on York St - between Sussex & Dalhousie) - I got moules frites & my cousins got the steak burger avec frites. C'etait fantastique!!!!!!!. I loved this mini-vacay and I feel as if I need to do more of it... my next mini-destination = NEW YORK CITY - cet jeudi actually he he.

- Love, S.


Ollie things Beautiful said...

Love the trench and you inspired me to still wear my platform sandals in winter with socks! Thanks :)

Susu and S. said...

@Ollie things Beautiful - Thanks so much! It was an emotional purchase. YES! Wear socks with sandals - they make you feel girly and feminine.

Carolann said...

So glad, you enjoyed your mini-vacation and our moules frites.

Come back again soon.

Susu and S. said...

@Carolann: Ohhh I loved les moules frites! I would just go back to Ottawa to have some more! - Will post pics of it soon!

- S.

Julia said...

You're adorable, Serina. Glad you had a good trip! I'm planning to hit NYC in February during reading week. Let me know how your NYC trip goes!