Il pleut à verse mais embrace it.

Cute Tiffany - all dolled up wearing a Holt Renfrew hat, Mackage Leather Jacket, Citizen Jeggings & Aldo booties.

I told Tiff to stand next to the graffiti but didn't realize it was a drawing of that... oops.

The amazing baguette at Finches! Need to go back.

Tiffany very pensive... I wonder what or who she's thinking about... hummm.

A cool mirror - I want.

This is Gastown.

If you live in Vancouver, you just gotta embrace the rain.
Another adventure into the wonderful city of Vancouver - we had brunch at Finches (corner of Pender and Homer). They have amazing baguette sandwiches - can't you tell by my photo? Although it was raining cats & dogs, we had a fantastic time walking in and out of beautiful furniture stores, imagining what it would be like to have a complete furnished home. We are both currently seeking to move out (in March - potentially) but think that our standards are too high. Think: We want: brick walls, high ceilings, modern kitchen, big windows and the list goes on... haha This can only happen in our dreams. Anyways, another unexpected day for a photoshoot - we embraced the rain, it gave character to the photos. Where to next?

- Love, S.


Holly said...

I've never been to Finches before, but the baguette looks delicious! Of course, you ladies look lovely too - even if it was raining!

Ollie Things Beautiful said...

Yes those baguette sandwiches look very tasty! The more I read your blog, the more it makes me want to go back to Vancouver!!

Frank Nguyen said...

Can you convince Tiff to be my girlfriend? I'll buy you a cupcake if you succeed.

Cordially yours,

Frank Nguyen

ps. I have not frequented your blog in what feels like forever! I promise to visit more frequently! Your photos Serina... amazing!

magdalyn said...

finches is soooo goood! you make me miss vancouver so much

Tiffany said...

Dear Frank,

If you buy me cupcakes (and/or eggtarts) I will be your girlfriend.

Love always,


Susu and S. said...

Dear, friends over my blog.

I'm glad I can be of some assistance to you (both Frank and Tiffany) - I never knew a blog could turn into a site like e-harmony. We have a revolution people!

@Mags: I love Finches - was my first time there and need to go back. Although my eggs were falling out, at it landed on the clean brown paper so I could pick off of it.

@Ollie Things Beautiful: Where are you located now??

@Holly: Thank you - you'll need to go to Finches when you move here!

Sincerely, S.

Dylana Suarez said...

You look so amazing girl! I am obsessed with your style!



Joni said...

great camera.

xox lovely outfit

come visit.

Fleurette said...


that baguette!

Susu and S. said...

@Fleurette: the baguette is to die for (no joke)!

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