A last look at 2010...

High Tea @ Le Faubourg (Kerrisdale)

Susu wearing knit hat by Club Monaco and wool-alpaca coat from Max Mara. Jeans by Uniqlo.

Left shoe: Ankle boots from Urban Outfitters; Right shoe: leopard ballerina flats from Cinti (Florence)

Susu & S finally reunited (once again).

S wearing Acne Needles (denim), Wilfred silk top and leather jacket, Ju (Hong Kong) cape, Zara hat + Balenciaga giant city.

Susu (left) and Sua wearing a tweed boyfriend coat from Club Monaco.

Walking down Robson St.

BBQ Pork =)

Details on the cool cape I got from my sister.

Vancouver is beautiful - can you see the mountains in the back?

My first day off this past Thursday was spent with Susu, while we indulged in our pleasures at High Tea (Le Faubourg) in Kerrisdale. We definitely enjoyed the mini-chocolate mousse cups & mini-yogurt parfaits (they were delicious). We were both in a shopping mood - after taking quick photos, we headed down to Robson St. & Susu went on a (petite) shopping spree. She bought the most incredible cropped tweed blazer from Club Monaco (which she'll blog about soon) & moccasin inspired heels in grey suede (Aldo). I was tempted to buy this cool cape/jacket from BCBG but Susu stopped me, saying that I would be over it in a couple months - fine, you're right Susu. Until our next photoshoot - demain - enjoy & happy DEUX MILLE ONZE! I don't know why, but I like the sound of that better than 2011...

- Love, S.


ashley said...

I absolutely love that cape. cheers, -a

Ollie Things Beautiful said...

I LOVE your bag! Yes, Vancouver is a beautiful city, would love to visit again one day :)

The Little Dust Princess said...

Vancouver is beautiful and so are you : ) The streets look just like the ones in Toronto!

Happy new year!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Anonymous said...

It's great that you try to incorporate french words into your posts, I totally get that you want to sound très chic! However, most of the time your french makes 0 sense. Also, the place in Kerrisdale is called "Faubourg" not "Le faubourg". At least you tried, right? Good effort!