A Bright Collaboration: Flare x Aldo

Mosha wearing a Linda Lundstrom Sweater, Stefanel Blouse, Marella Slacks & a Zara Trench

FURLA Clutch

Aviators: Raybans

Aldo X Flare Wedges

Bright Colours!

Aldo X Flare Wedges (Je le veux...)

I spent my Easter Long Weekend in Toronto (as usual) and was blessed to have caught Mosha just in time as she was returning from her Italian adventures. Regardless of the fact that Monday was a gloomy (overcast) jour, Mosha brightened her presence by wearing a neon orange Linda Lundstrom sweater that perfectly matched her snakeskin wedges. I almost fell off my chair when she told me her heels were from ALDO - a collaborative piece that was done by Flare X Aldo. It retails for $135 and can be purchased tomorrow - check HERE for more info. Anyways, it was always a pleasure catching up with Mosha and hearing about her inspiration for the next season - think: Italian menswear - simplistic, clean cut and well put together. Mosha epitomizes it all...

- Love, S.


Ollie Things Beautiful said...

Love the combination of brights and nudes, my favorite is light cream and neon pink! So fresh looking. I really like her sleeveless trench! Love your blog! xx-Jackie

Susu and S. said...

@Ollie Things Beautiful: Yes bright colours = love xo

Love, S.