A Weekend Holiday at L'Abattoir

Inside L'Abattoir

Our amazing chocolate tarte dessert

Tiffany / Michelle

We love b r e a d :)

Shy to look into the camera...

To die for!

Tiffany & Michelle

My entree - halibut

If you haven't been to L'Aabattoir and you're either on vacation or a Vancouver resident, you need MUST go there! It was my first time there and I've heard so many great things from my colleagues... I didn't want to go with high expectations and be disappointed. I was clearly wrong, L'Abattoir exceeded my expectations. We felt like we were on vacation and for the first time, Vancouver felt so foreign to me. It was definitely a great place to chill, eat good food and take a glimpse at cute boys. Anyways, this was a post that was long overdue - I admit it, I did get super lazy. Luckily, after being inspired by Toronto (encore), I'll try updating more regularly. PS. Aren't my friends (Tiffany & Michelle) adorable?

- Love, S.


Ollie Things Beautiful said...

Whatever the fifth picture is looks amazingly delicious! I love Tiffany's style and the green fringe jacket is sooo cute!!! xx-jackie

The Little Dust Princess said...

I like the change in your layout! : )

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry what is the dish called with the description - " to die for" ?

Thanks! xoxo