LV is for LAS V E G A S

Takes a while to load - be patient! It's worth it...

A glimpse into our mini-vacay to Las Vegas. Was feeling ambitious on a Friday night and decided to make a video. I'll be doing this a lot more (for travel). It's so much fun & makes me happy.

Unforgettable moments:
1. Red & Blue Lights #FML
2. First Night: Marquee LV - we didn't want to wait in line & these guys approached us, asking if we wanted to get in. We assumed they were working for the club but were wrong. They just wanted to get in with us too! Definitely fooled.
3. $22 USD for the face-sized cup of sweet delight. Note: there were five shots in there...
4. Walking down the stripe to look for Barney's, asking for directions and being told that it was three casinos away... getting in a cab to find out that it was just across the bridge #FML.
5. Serendipity = heaven
6. LAVO Restaurant & the VIP Italian Promoter
7. Roulette & Crabs Craps - Don't know what I was thinking... lol
8. Second Night: XS
9. Joel our nice cab driver: he didn't have music in his cab and provided music for us with his iphone. He told his crazy idea of starting a twitter account, exclusively for his services... we urged him to do it but then said he was too lazy & wasn't into social media - c'mon Joel!!!!
10. Band-Aids & Broken Feet
11. Gareth Emery
13. Connecting flight in Phoenix: boarding time (4 mins in between), running + dying
14. Cheesecake Factory
15. Getting lost in Seattle - another #FML moment...
16. Home Sweet Home (YAY)

Until next time...


- Love, S.


Ashley said...

Amazing! This got me so pumped about my Vegas trip in July... -a

Susu and S. said...

@Ashley: you will love it!! Make sure you go to Marquee. Their daytime pool parties are great too.

- Love, S.

Holly said...

awww i want to go to vegas now!

Laura said...

I keep an inspiration folder on EverNote with pictures of cute/well-put-together outfits including quite a few pics pulled from this blog. Please release higher-res versions of the pics in the video, so many cute outfits there!