Weekend Happenings: Geometric Shapes & A Navajo Cape

Brittany / Ross | Lovin' the Navajo Prints

Up Close and Personal

Hung out with Brittany (Style and Substance) and Lennie this past weekend - went to Guu for dinner and had the most amazing / delicious drink ever - called Diamond Jump - a mix of lychee, gingerale, soda, etc all the good stuff... I was going to do a separate story on Britt but her petit ami came a bit early and surprised us upon his arrival. Do you see where I'm getting at with the photos above? haha. Totally spotted: my new found favourite couple wearing almost the same outfit - black denim, grey shoes et la même geometrically-printed cape/shirt! I had to capture the moment... when does this ever happen when outfits aren't pre-planned, you don't see each other for the whole day then reunite to find out you look comme jumeaux? - never. Anyways, I thought they were both adorable and wanted to share with ya'll...

- Love, S.


Carolyn said...

i find it so cute when couples have similar style/taste :)

KOREANYY said...

you have a very cute blog!
now following~ !


Gaby de Modacapital said...

Love your navajo cape!