A Colourblocked Shadow

Photobucket Serina wearing: JBrand Jeans / Wilfred Blouse  / Wool Jacket from Korea

Photobucket Can you see the Colourblocked Shadow?

Photobucket Running away from vie Brit...

Photobucket Booties = Zara (je l'aime)

Photobucket Good-Bye!

All photos taken by Brittany of Style + Substance

It's the most awkward feeling being photographed with your own camera, but I think BD did a wonderful job... in capturing my uncomfortableness. You can see it in my expression (photos 2 + 3) when I'm trying to runaway from Brit, while she tells me to stand still and not smile... she tells me to look to my left and pretend I'm in a state of pensiveness. HA! If you don't know me, when someone tells me to be s e r i o u s & to 'stop smiling', I smile even harder, which then turns into a hysterical laugh (je blague pas). Mind you, this was also my failed attempt to do daily posts on my ennuyeuse (je pense) outfits I wear to work. Although it came out pretty with the colourblocked shadow + green grass, 'Five Days of Working Style' will need to come later. Until then, enjoy the post...

- Love, S.


Holly said...

i find it so hard to do daily outfit posts! however, even just having a fashion-related blog makes me feel like i need to experiment more - which is totally fine! it just means reworking pieces in my closet that i already have and attempting to get a good shot with my old point and shoot. by old i mean dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

You need to post more often, S! The people want more!!

Gaby de Modacapital said...

You look amazing! Love your trench coat :D