A Spanish Love Affair: Recap

Back in July, six of my close girlfriends and I went on an amazing trip to Marbella, Spain. Inspired by the first travel video I made from my short trip to LV [LV is for Las Vegas], I decided to capture 'the precious moments of our youth' while away in beautiful Europe. Je les aime tous beaucoup and I feel so blessed to have great friends dans ma vie... enjoy the short glimpse into our Spanish adventure (above).

One word that defines how I feel maintenant: nostalgia.

- Love, S.

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Venice said...

I love this video you put together! It definitely has inspired me to travel more for 2012! New York in May and then the Caribbean in November!

I know you're busy but I wish you posted more! You always have some of the best posts/blogs out there Serina!

Lot's of love