Style + Substance

Brittany Defehr w/ her jewels from Oak + Fort / watch from Timex

Starbucks' Holiday cups have arrived. As my co-worker had said: "Starbucks has officially barfed Christmas after Halloween".

BD wearing: Danier Leather Jacket/ Wilfred Free T-Shirt/ Vintage Army Jacket / Oak + Fort Feather Necklace

This is the best face-shot I have of Brit! Success or Fail?

BD accessories: Pendleton Bag (navajo print obvs)/ Aldo Booties with Cheap Monday DIY cut-offs.

Fur collar from USED. I love vintage shopping.

Brittany. D from Style + Substance is one cool chick you don't want to mess with. A girl with ambition and creative vision, she always manages to draw me into her blog through her music posts... my playlist = style + substance = répéte répéte répéte (je blague pas). Since moving back to Vancouver in January, I realized that I had to rebuild existing and create new friendships. BD was a new one I'm happy I made. Le weekend was an overall success, we went to USED on Granville and Brit bought a fur collar whereas, I found a navy 'New York' sweat shirt, as a subtle reminder to déménager là, peut-être dans la prochaine anneé. My highlight du jour avec Brit: me, struggling to take proper shots of Brit, acting like a crazed/ star struck paparazzi photographer, while almost running into an old man and resulting in side/ back profile shots or hands-in-face photographs.

Go check out her blog, it's cool... refreshing... inspiring... and will make you look at life with a new perspective. Oh, yeah forgot to mention: I'm also featured on the second page - just look for lee-lo :) INSIDE JOKE I'm just sayin'...

 - Love, S.


the gorgeous said...

love how you wear those booties with those skinny jeans, it's hot, cute and natural at once!
nice blog :)

Ashley said...

Siick. ...adding Brittany to my blog roll.


Holly said...

i have been wanting to find a fur piece like this & boots like hers :) very nice!


Susu and S. said...

@the gorgeous: Yes - she cut those skinny jeans herself :)

@Ashley: YES!!!

@Holly: The best place to find amazing fur collars is vintage shopping. Boot = ALDO :)

- Love, S.

Anonymous said...

Love those booties you're friend is wearing from aldo. Do you know what style they are and if they still sell them in stores currently?

Susu and S. said...

@Anonymous: don't know the style but they def have it in-store. I agree with you, they're super cute and are comfortable!

-Love, S.

Andrea said...

i love that feather necklace!!! i miss oak and fort :S