This is Amaly. Wearing an Obakki jacket.

She. Has. Great. Hair.

We wished we were in Europe.

This is my friend Amaly. She is a jewelry designer (AMALY.CA) and the creative mastermind behind Oak and Fort, a hidden gem pour les femmes in Gastown. During her spare time, she enjoys building home-made forts with her boyfriend (Dusty), blow unbreakable bubbles and spend time with Bacon (her chien). Saturday: we had dinner at Boneta and ate their amazing house made potato gnocchi, which included double smoked bacon with a poached egg on top - t'was excellent - then treated ourselves to the caramelized apple pie. Are you drooling yet?

- Love, S.


alison*elle said...

Her hair is seriously amazing. So jealous. And I've been meaning to try out Boneta for the longest time... I really need to do it!

xo, alison*elle

em k. said...

oak+fort is amazing! my girlfriends and i flock to buy our jewelry there all the time!


Jess ♡ said...

I haven't been out to Oak + Fort yet (shame on me), but I've heard so many wonderful things! And gosh, Amaly's hair is just to die for, where can I get me some long amazing locks?

Also, her coat? Yes please!

Susu and S. said...

@alison*elle: Boneta is amazing. Try what we had the gnocchi and apple pie. It's to die for!!

@em k.: Yes, LOVE oak + fort :)

@Jess: Her amazing locks took 6 months - Amaly can confirm. (no lie). Coat is from Obakki which used to be beside Oak + Fort but they shut down. I'm sure you can find it online though.

- Love, S.