A Saturday with Isabel's Bobbys.

Brittany. D wearing: Danier Leather Jacket, Wilfred Baye Tunic over top of a Wilfred Free T-shirt, GAP Chunky Knit Scarf and TBabaton Beanie

BD and her DIY Cheap Mondays

Her latest purchase: Isabel Marant Bobbys

Bag: Alexander Wang Donna

The best thing about this ISABEL MARANT sneaker is the fact that there's a hidden heel inside the shoe! It definitely helps to elongate the legs, straighten your posture and push out your tush HA! Je blague. Not to mention, (as told by BD) the sneaker is super comfortable. I've heard mixed reviews about the Bobby's. Some des amis absolutely LOVE it and others think it's hideous and they don't understand what everyone sees in this shoe. What are your thoughts? I feel like it takes a certain type of galstyle aesthetic to pull these shoes off. When you wear it, you need to own it - literally. My friend, Brit does a fantastic job, right? Reminded me of how effortless Kate Bosworth looked wearing the same sneakers during Coachella last year (see below). Doesn't she look stunning?


- Love, S.


Anonymous said...

If you're going to use french at least use it properly. 'some des amis' makes absolutely no sense.. some of mes amis is what it should be..

Montse Gaviño said...

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tiny dancer said...

Oooo so jealous of the Bobby's, I've been dying for a pair of the Betty's but haven't been able to find any :( so sad! Adoring your lovely little blog here, great photos!

Your newest follower :)

Teresa said...

Oh, she looks so cute in those Bobbys! They look really versatile and easy to wear. I'm considering the Bekkets but seeing these photos, I'm not so sure now!

Anonymous said...

I just purchased a pair of bobby's in beige, they look to be the same ones Kate's wearing in that picture! I ordered mine online and was super excited for them to arrive. When they did, I had mixed reactions. I feel as if pictures do them justice, and just can't decide if I actually like them in person! Help! To keep or not to keep?

Susu and S. said...

@Anon: We love ourselves some Bobbys, so of course we'll tell you to KEEP! But if you don't feel comfortable in something, just return it. It's not worth it to have something gathering dust in your closet - "it" item or not!