summer fringe & pleats

Last week, Serina and I went to a tea party/brunch in honour of our friend Justine's upcoming nuptials. Just a lovely afternoon with lovely girls in pretty dresses!
We had a glorious glimpse into summertime weather, and now we can't wait to live in breezy skirts and destroyed denim <3
For Instagram photos of the same event, head on over to our Tumblr!


Susu in denim blouse by Etoile Isabel Marant / pleated mint skirt by The Kooples / nude pumps by Zara / croc-embossed bag by Celine

 Soaking in the ever-elusive Vancouver sun.
Adorable heart-shaped tea strainers from the bridal shower.
 Are we trespassing?
Serina in fringed dress by Zara / velvet jacket by Winter Kate / coat by OAK + FORT / belt by BCBG / sandals by Zara / bag by Louis Vuitton / sunglasses by Retro Super Future
Love, Susu


Celine said...

Head over heels for Susu's trapeze!

You girls are so fabulous! I wish I had a wardrobe and style sense like you two!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I had some time ago asked about your photo editing for the photos you posted previously that had a warm, pinkish tone. :) You had let me know that you took away all the colors to achieve that effect. I have tried that by lowering the saturation of the photo on photoshop and that seems to give me a similar effect except there wasn't any warmth. Since I lowered the saturation, the photo now has a greyish tint instead of the pinkish/yellow tint that you had in your photos that kept it vibrant. If you use photoshop, could you please let me know exactly what you did for those photographs? It would be much appreciated :) If you don't have the time, please let me know what the effect it called so I can search up a tutorial myself. Thanks!

Susu and S. said...

@Celine: You are too sweet! Thank you xo

@Anon: I would suggest adjusting the Color Balance on the photo and adding more reds and yellows (Image > Adjustments > Color Balance). Another way is downloading Adobe Actions which can create Instagram-like effects: http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/articles/10-photoshop-actions-to-create-instagram-style-effects

Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the reply! I did play with the Color Balance, I was just wondering around what numbers you entered or slid the slider to. I know it will vary depending on images but please let me know the general numbers you use for in door images with no flash :) I'm not sure if what I want to achieve is like an instagram effect. I've played with those actions before as well though :P Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing, for color balance do you change the shadows, midtones or highlights?