Man Repeller at Secret Location

Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller descended upon Vancouver last Tuesday, much to the delight of us Couverinos.

Serina and I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with her at Secret Location, which, incidentally, was packed with bloggers, industry professionals, and Leandra fan boys/girls. As I stood in the line-up (yes - we had to line up) to meet her, I thought about how much social media had changed the fashion industry, especially in terms of what defines the fashion consumer. These days, thanks to blogs, Instagram and the like, fashion is more exoteric than ever.

I posed this question to her: "Isn't it crazy how a blogger can gather such a big crowd?"

Leandra: "It's fucked up."

Is it, though? It's true that Leandra's celebrity status is quickly solidifying. While she insists that this isn't the case, there's no denying that she literally has people lining up in order to take a photo with her. Even in her understated white blouse + denim ensemble that night (albeit with a pom-pom collar), she is recognizable from a mile away.

Perhaps it's the Carrie factor. Here we are, eight years later, still craving our weekly dose of Carrie Bradshaw. But not to worry! The fashion messiah hath cometh for all mankind, rich or poor, as long as you have Wi-Fi!

After all, Leandra is (minus the man repelling bit) the more intentionally hilarious version of Miss Bradshaw. The exasperatingly chic wardrobe, the killer shoes, thought-provoking spin on fashion and relationships, the fixation on vaginas...the list goes on. As time goes on, I think that the Bradshaw-Medine similarities will only become more apparent.

So maybe it's not so fucked up that Leandra can attract larger crowds than, say, Stephen Harper. Actually, that is quite fucked up. Just in a different way.

On to the photos!

**More photos from the Secret Location event on our Tumblr.

Serina in hat by Zara; blouse by Talula; blouse by T Babaton; necklace by Forever 21
Michelle + Serina
Susu in coat by System; jeans by Zara; booties by Rag + Bone; bag by Céline; hat by COS.
Serina in jacket by Wilfred; jeans by J Brand; booties by Zara
Leandra wearing Gio Diev patent pumps and safety pin choker - both from Secret Location.
Leandra being fondled by the mannequins she styled (see Little Fashionisto's photos here).
Michelle all beige-d out in +J Jil Sander for Uniqlo coat; System top; Zara trousers; Preen x ALDO heels; Céline bag
Thank you to Secret Location and Tara Parker Tait PR for hosting this event!

Xx Susu

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