The Sartorialist at Secret Location


Last week, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist visited Secret Location for a book signing (of his new book of images, Closer) and VIP cocktail party/meet and greet. As usual, the Secret Location and Tara Parker Tait PR team did not disappoint.

Really, Secret Location. You are too good to us.

As expected, Scott was absolutely lovely to the hundreds of followers who had lined up to meet him. Friendly and gracious with a remarkably dry sense of humour. When asked how long he'd be in town, he said, "Oh, about...two more hours."

I've been following The Sartorialist since 2006, back when blogs were mostly angst-ridden ramblings on LiveJournal and street style was still a relatively novel concept. And I always really respected Scott for being one of the most fundamental pioneers of both blogging and street style photography, marrying art and fashion in a way that was accessible to everyone. I also love that his photos are much more representative of the character behind the style, rather than exquisitely-executed trends (à la Tommy Ton - although we LOVE him as well).

I didn't get a chance to say this to Monsieur Schuman, but there is one post he wrote back in 2007 that I think will stick with me forever. I don't think there's any need for me to summarize it; just read it!

Obsessed with his glasses.

Scott complimented Serina's newly-purchased BLK DNM moto jacket from New York.

Later on, at the VIP cocktail party next door...
Left to right: Aleem, Randy, Michelle, M'c kenneth, and Zach

Michelle (When I'm an Old Man) wearing: sweater, hat, and clutch by GAP; skirt by ASOS; shoes by Preen x ALDO RISE.

Serina in wool moto jacket by BLK DNM; jeans by J Brand; booties by Zara; necklace by Forever 21.
Susu in oxblood tee and leather blazer by Zara; purple denim by Uniqlo; booties by Rag & Bone; bag by Céline; hat by COS.

Aleem (of Kalu Interiors) and Randy

I took this candid of Scott and Michelle talking and thought it looked hilarious. So many possible captions.

Scott and Michelle

Scott and Susu

Big thanks to Secret Location and Tait PR for hosting yet another fabulous event. Looking forward to the next one...

xoxo Susu

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jess leung said...

HOLY EYEBROWS, do you like them that dark and over defined? I find it's great for runway but never seen anyone over do them to that extent in their daily look. trial period or?...