Suit up!

Colour-blocked clutch: The Gap; pumps: Balenciaga

Really loving how the current suits trend has overlapped with the sporty trend overarching the past couple of years. It's a shame that a beanie, tee, and runners with a well-cut suit would not bode well at the typical office.

I contemplated wearing something sporty on my feet on this day, but quickly realized that I don't even own any runners. Not even the trendy, ironic type. I think I'd feel like quite the imposter if I were to walk into a Nike store and purchase a running shoe that would likely never fulfill its calorie-burning destiny.

Perhaps this pair of Cole Haan LunarGrand oxfords are more up my alley. They're really a godsend for the unfit woman/chic man with a special penchant for feeling like you're walking on a cloud of magic. What am I saying - the Nike site allows you to design your own colour-way. I'll probably take the leap.

Thoughts on mixing tailored goods with athletic wear? Let me know.

-Photos by Sua Hong.

White blazer: vintage; black slacks: Zara

Nautical striped tee: Zara

Safety pin choker: Maria Francesca Pepe; XL Pulse Ring: Jennifer Fisher; knuckle ring: Cat Bird; watch: Omega, vintage

xoxo, Susu

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