On embracing those rainy days

and staying sane in Vancouver.

Hat by Club Monaco.

Bag by Hogan; pants by Rag and Bone.

Reflective oxfords by Cole Haan.

Just came back from a two-week trip to Thailand with stop-overs in Singapore and Korea avec my Beyonce (read: fiancée)! And while I enjoyed every minute of it, it was strange to experience so many different climates within the span of a few days. From temperate, rainy Vancouver we went to briskly cold Seoul, on to dry-ish yet stiflingly hot Koh Samui, with a stop in mindnumbingly hot and humid Singapore before landing back in wintery Seoul once again. Even though I really didn't relish coming home from paradise, it dawned on me how easy our climate really is. Yes, it rains - but does it flood? Yes, we have four seasons - but barely so. It's rarely ever unbearably-anything. And I especially love that I can wear a simple cotton knit sans outerwear in April, while it snows in Western Europe.

While in Singapore, I pondered what it would be like to live in a place that is 35 degrees (but feels like 40!) year-round. To peruse various September issues of Vogue et al and never be able to consider that immaculately cut wool coat or leather bomber? Unfathomable!

So on this rainy day, I refused to let the steady rain dampen my spirits. Instead I just matched it to my outfit.

xo, Susu

- All photos by Sua Hong.

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